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MT2 Sponsors Exhibit at the 2017 ILEETA Conference



As an organization, ILEETA is committed to the reduction of law enforcement risk through the enhancement of training for criminal justice practitioners. Fully committed to the saving of lives through the development and delivery of high quality training. Committed to the safety and security of our fellow citizens, and improved understanding between society and the criminal justice professions.


MT2 is honored to support this stellar organization which serves and protects the Law Enforcement the officers who serve and protect their communities! 

We sponsored an exhibit at the 2017 ILEETA Conference and loved meeting so many industry professionals to discuss Firing Range Services, many of whom we see year after year.


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 Gun Range lead decontamination

Gun range lead removal


Firing Range lead cleanup



MT2 is BBB Accredited with an A+ rating and is a recipient of the 2016 INC 5000 List of America's Fastest Growing Companies. With over 16 years' industry experience, MT2 is the Nation's #1 and largest professional contractor for both indoor & outdoor ranges; providing complete firing range maintenance, improvement, safety, and closure services for over 1,200 ranges nationwide including law enforcement, military, state/local agencies, and private clubs.

* Lead Reclamation: Reclaimed >12,000,000 lbs lead

* Revenue Sharing: Returned >$4,000,000 of lead recycling proceeds to range owners

* Schedule: Crews and equipment nationwide to rapidly respond to your schedule & minimize down time

* Resources: $5,000,000 fleet of specialized equipment & proprietary processes to maximize lead recovery

* Safety and Liability Protection: OSHA safety reviews & mock audits, $9,000,0000 insurance protection


If you are interested, we have prepared an industry report that you can read on the 5 critical validations you must demand from your lead reclamation contractor to protect you and your range  click to download








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Environmental Remediation at the Lead Superfund Site in East Chicago

Environmental Remediation

The city of East Chicago was declared a Superfund site, nearing the top of the list of the worst contaminated sites in the Unites States in 2009.  Earlier in February, the new governor declared a state of emergency for the Superfund Site in East Chicago, which has been shown to be contaminated by exorbitantly high levels of lead and arsenic. Previous proposals for additional funding to help clean up the soil and clear the area of especially lead, were denied by now-Vice-President Mike Pence.

In a telling display of solidarity with the local community, Governor Holcomb signed an executive order that promises to:

  • seek additional federal funding for cleanup efforts,
  • help relocate the community currently living with dangerously elevated levels of lead,
  • direct funds towards soil remediation efforts,  and
  • safely demolish contaminated buildings and areas of that could pose a threat to future inhabitants.

This proposal, specifically, will seek out several million dollars worth of federal funding that helps relocate citizens into a new, healthy area. West Calumet, a housing project, will be the center of the cleanup efforts. Some funds will also be directed to replacing lead water pipes in the area, a growing concern with the recent discovery of how lead effects water supplies like in Flint, Michigan.

Lead is a biological contaminant that is very slow to leave our bodies, and has a wide range of negative health impacts. The effects of lead poisoning can cause neurological, cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal, and even reproductive system issues. These effects are especially dangerous to children, who are more susceptible to ingesting lead contamination, and who experience more negative side effects than adults. While it will be a long time until remediation efforts are complete, the Governor's 30 day action plan should be enough to get the ball rolling and bring everyone one step closer to being able to safely use this area again. 


MT2 is an industry leader in completing environmental cleanup soil remediation services in project sites across the United States. MT2 has treated over 1,000,000 tons of lead and other hazardous waste materials utilizing our patented ECOBOND® lead treatment formula. We provide a wide range of proven state-of-the-art stabilization technologies, waste removal and services designed to define the problem and identify the optimal approach to cleanup and restoring the soil and sediments to acceptable levels.

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MT2 Announces Firing Range Safeguard and Security Protocols in Response to Brass Scam and Hazardous Waste Indictment News Reports.

Firing Range LeadRecently the EHS Daily Advisor reported on the Grand Jury ruling by the Department of Justice United States Attorney District of South Carolina Office. The owner of a now-defunct Firing Range services South Carolina company that hauled away lead waste from more than 100 firing ranges in 16 states has been indicted by a grand jury for violating the Clean Air Act (CAA) and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). If convicted, the owner of Welch Group Environmental faces up to 20 years in prison and more than $800,000 in fines against the company he once operated.

In response to a January 25, 2017 news report in what Chattanooga police believe is a multi-state scam to steal brass from shooting ranges, James M. Barthel, President of Metals Treatment Technologies (MT2), responded by stating, “It is sad to see how firing ranges are being taken advantage of, and how easy it is to be deceived. When a firing range loses money on metals such as brass and lead, it impacts their ability to be of service to their shooters; including Law Enforcement officers who frequently train at these public and private firing ranges.”

Barthel warns that firing ranges must verify upfront who they are dealing with, in light of the two recent news stories cited, and to request written records for the disposition of all materials leaving their range including brass, lead or filters and demand to know exactly where their waste will end up. In general, if it sounds too good to be true; there is likely something missing or corners being cut out.

Unfortunately, when dealing with potentially valuable range commodities like lead and brass, you can never be too careful to ensure that the firing range will receive the proceeds promised. To avoid becoming a party to the next firing range scam; range owners should require prior references, insurance certificates, required licenses and written contracts. Additionally, ranges should require complete disclosure of where the reclaimed materials are going, how they are being shipped (approved shipping per DOT) and the certifications/permits/licenses of the receiving facilities, especially waste facilities.

Firing range managers and owners under federal and state laws are always ultimately responsible for the proper handling, recycling and waste disposal of all range materials including recyclable lead, and hazardous waste, including filters.

MT2 is offering a free download on how to pre-qualify a range contractor upfront to avoid these issues and protect their firing range from liability or being scammed.

Barthel points out, “there are five critical validations you must demand from your contractor to protect you and your range and we have included this simple checklist in our Firing Range Lead Reclamation Industry Report which also provides the important considerations a firing range must consider when choosing a lead reclamation contractor.”

Range owners interested in the Firing Range Hazardous Waste Industry Report can get more information at http://www.mt2.com

About MT2:

MT2 is the #1 and Largest Nationwide Professional Firing Range Lead Reclamation and Maintenance Contractor for both indoor & outdoor ranges. MT2’s proven record of services includes: complete firing range maintenance & improvements, lead remediation services, lead reclamation, OSHA & environmental consulting, operational maintenance and range closure.

MT2’s zero-tolerance for regulatory violations gives range owners the peace of mind that their project will be successfully completed on a guaranteed schedule. No one can complete an Environmental or firing range lead reclamation project quicker and safer than MT2.

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Brownfield Remediation for Commercial Development with Contaminated Soil Remediation

Environmental RemediationInterest in remediating brownfield sites into useful commercial developments is growing, but the high costs of remediation remain a factor. Some owners of brownfield sites are mothballing their land until new technologies are developed, or the cost of remediation decreases; concerns with this approach is the risk of contamination entering the water system through rain and storm runoff and the risk of pollution through the airborne contaminated dust. Primary industrial site contamination is with hydrocarbons, solvents, heavy metals such as lead, and asbestos, as well as various pesticides and chemicals common in the urban environment. These contaminants cause severe human health effects, including cancers and neurodevelopmental retardation in babies and children. 

Brownfield remediation is under the authority and supervision of the EPA and State regulatory Agencies. When owners and communities think about brownfield remediation for commercial development, site remediation costs and public safety are first priorities. But with the high cost of development for these locations, other factors can help communities prioritize cleanup. If the site is near already-existing urban infrastructure, such as transportation, and if the community has a prioritized need, such as increased walking spaces, green spaces, or housing, then, those areas may get cleanup funding.

Many municipalities have innovative programs in place to offer property owners incentives to redevelop brownfield lands. State environmental protection agencies work under the guidelines of the Federal EPA and have the authority to approve remediation and development plans. Tax credits are common to offset costs of cleanup, and many municipalities have various legal means to acquire brownfield properties for the city or state and do remediation and development themselves.

MT2 utilizes patented and proprietary ECOBOND® technology to mitigate potential physical, occupational, and environmental hazards associated with high concentrations of lead and other metals in soils. All technology achieves compliance with EPA and state regulatory agencies. This technology oftentimes allows the project costs to be kept very affordable.

A site investigation or remediation study is part of the planning before cleanup costs are estimated and work begun. A careful study of the site is undertaken and includes prior owners and usage and scientific assessment of type and amount of contaminants, including the possibility of buried contaminants. Site investigation also includes a study of the land surrounding the site, including public waterways, and plans are made to ensure that contaminants do not enter the waterways during remediation. 

The remediation plan uses all of these factors for planning, as well as information about the contaminant itself, to give landowners and municipalities an estimate on cleanup costs. 

In-situ Treatment and Remediation; Lead poisoning is just one classic example that reveals the actual compelling force behind remediation. Since the problem of lead and chemical poisoning through old pipes, paint, firing ranges, chemical and oil industrial plants to name only a few sources, has captured the public's attention beginning a handful of decades ago, very little progress has occurred to fight the dreaded results of lead exposure until recently.  

Along with this growing industry comes innovation. Technology is now evolving at an accelerated rate to address the various types of lead remediation that occur. Soil, paint, old pipes and so many other sources for this naturally occurring element in nature, present a challenge to industry to which they now seem ready to tackle. The task is multi-faceted, inviting and needing many different solutions.

MT2 is an industry leader in providing overall environmental cleanup soil remediation services on a nationwide basis. MT2 has processed over 1,000,000 tons of lead and other hazards-impacted materials utilizing our patented ECOBOND® technology. We provide a broad range of proven state-of-the-art investigation, stabilization technologies, waste removal and remedial construction services designed to define the problem and identify the optimal approach to cleanup and restoring the soil and sediments to acceptable levels.

MT2’s goal is to provide the highest quality service utilizing the most advanced and effective technologies in order to implement the best solutions to meet project needs with high integrity and honesty while reducing long-term costs and achieving results in the timeliest manner possible.

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Do You Recognize the Early-Warning Signs That Your Firing Range is Contaminated with Lead?


firing range lead-road sign block custom 19410Early warning signs that indicate the possible contamination of a firing range may not appear obvious. Yes, there is the puff of smoke after the discharge of weapon which is usually swept away down range by the employment of an effective air system. In open ranges, the winds serve the same purpose. But that lead goes somewhere, and where it lands isn't necessarily where the first signs of contamination are occurring. More obvious, bullet fragments and pellets from shotguns are much easier to spot, signaling a possible contamination problem.

Dealing with lead contamination is like fighting an octopus. There are so many arms of contamination that the problem seems almost insurmountable. Problems that plague indoor ranges don't necessarily challenge outdoor ranges and certain guns are likely to cause more contamination than others. Air systems and other technological equipment employed to deal with lead contamination are also part of the equation and the fight.

Given all these considerations and more, the place to look for the initial signs of lead contamination come from inspections and cleanup operations. It is during these procedures that lead contamination is identified and some similarities arise, indicating a commonality that provides a small but promising path to battling lead contamination and poisoning.

"While soil remediation at the park is not set to begin until next spring, tree removal is expected to begin this year at the 7.5-acre site, formerly home to a shooting range," as the EPA reportedly stated to the Dayton Daily News. What is so important in this statement is that both soil and trees, emphasis added, need removal. This outdoor range in Miami, FL tested at lead levels more than 60 times the acceptable level and impacted the area throughout the park and nearby homes.

The “string”, when pulled, that draws the various considerations of lead contamination together is the spreading of the lead. This holds true for an indoor range. Cleaning of indoor ranges requires washing surfaces - that includes not just counter tops but walls and ceilings. Any build up is a definite clue that the contamination risk is increasing. 

As with the indoor example, any build up on surfaces strongly points to the air system and fans that are deployed to remediate lead particulates from spreading. It may also present as an indicator of poor maintenance practices. "A 2011 publication by the National Shooting Sports Foundation summarizes the OSHA General Industry Lead Standard . . . explains that clothing exposed to lead should not have lead dust shaken or blown off, but instead be immediately disposed in wash water," as reported in The Altamont Enterprise. By extension, surfaces should also receive the same treatment.

Just by the outdoor range example, it is easy to conclude that the presence of any firing range is the first clue to contamination. Ranges and shooting are part of the nation's history and recreational enjoyment involving millions of Americans. Yet, the enjoyment by millions should impose a duty to prevent little or no risk to anyone. It mandates proactive precaution and implementing those measures that promise safe results for all. 

Lead, Lead, Lead! Problems with Soil Remediation at Small Arms Firing Ranges

Small Arms Firing Ranges (SAFRs) include most shooting ranges inside the United States. These ranges accept any guns that shoot equal to or below 50 caliber ammunition. There are approximately 12,000 of these ranges throughout the US, some belonging to the Department of Defense. Ammunition is composed of many parts, but lead contamination is at the forefront of environmental concerns for these businesses. While these ranges have recently become aware of and implemented methods to control lead contamination, there is much to be desired, especially with regards to soil remediation.

Lead Contamination and Soils

Lead in soil presents special environmental problems. When lead from ammunition meets soil, a chemical reaction called corrosion takes place. This creates a toxic environment. Lead contamination should worry all range goers for several reasons:

  • Uncontaminated soil soaks up lead quickly.
  • Contaminated soil cannot soak up lead, which leads to leaching into the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, lead presents many health problems for both patrons and employees of the range; health problems associated can affect every major system of the body, with particularly bad consequences for children.

Problems with Best Management Practices

The EPA released a document outlining best management practices for lead remediation at outdoor shooting ranges. Proper attention to lead management at firing ranges is critical.  

Firing Ranges, A Necessity for National Security

Most individuals who actively shoot know that bullets contain lead. Because government officials must be properly trained to use their weapons and be an accurate shot. National security depends on it. However, many ignore the very real environmental cost associated with firing ranges, regardless of whether it's on public or private land.

Lead Contamination on Firing Ranges

Bullets have been made from lead for centuries, dating back to around 1500. The design of bullets has not changed dramatically because it works quite well as is. However, the EPA and OSHA both consider lead to be a toxic substance. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease registry classifies lead as an inorganic substance that can be "reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen," as well describing known health hazards from exposure to lead. Because of how we produce bullets, lead contamination is a major concern for firing ranges. It can affect the air, soil, and be absolutely devastating if it reaches the water table, as seen with the recent fiasco in Flint, Michigan.

The Cost of Cleaning Up Lead Contamination

One method of soil remediation is to remove lead contaminated soil and replace it with non-contaminated soil. Unfortunately, excavation and replacement efforts cost thousands of dollars. For example, a former range for Border Patrol officers is being cleaned up to the tune of just over $3.7 million. A member of the Sierra Club suggests this price seems exorbitant for simple excavation; however, removed soils must be taken to a hazardous waste facility. Officials declined to comment on exactly why this project cost so much, though. This seems to be a common trend seen on old Army bases. Regardless of whether the cost is justified or not, it is clear that lead contamination and the resulting remediation efforts are costly, with potentially lasting health effects.

MT2 is the Leading and Largest Nationwide Professional Lead Reclamation & Maintenance Contractor for BOTH Indoor & Outdoor Firing Ranges and has served over 1,000 public and private firing ranges nationwide since 2000. MT2’s firing range services include complete range maintenance, improvements and lead remediation services.

MT2’s extensive list of clients includes over 400 law enforcement agencies such as NYPD, State Departments of Corrections, and the US Military. Since 2006, MT2 has been implementing a BMP Program for lead management and maintenance that successfully reduces lead hazards at the NYPD training range where over 40,000 officers and recruits train annually. The NYPD BMP Program includes removal and recycling of lead bullets and bullet fragments; sampling, analysis and monitoring of soil and groundwater conditions; and chemically converting potential leachable lead fines remaining in range soils utilizing MT2’s patented ECOBOND® lead treatment technologies so that treated soils are considered non-hazardous and can be replaced back onto range berms.

Contact us today to see how we can help your range and shooters stay safe


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